The world has changed, and it isn't going back to how it was. 

The systems we've had are changing and evolving. And the majority of people are getting left behind.

Naturally, people are looking for something else. 

Taken from the ONS - 'People with worsened household finances were much more anxious on average than people financially unaffected'.

'Those who reported a negative impact on their household finances because of the coronavirus also reported lower levels of personal well-being. For example, those who experienced a reduction in their income reported anxiety 16% higher on average than those whose finances remained the same.'

Our products below will give you access to timeless information that will stand you in good stead to build the financial foundations for generational wealth in this very uncertain time. 

At the same time, you'll be surrounding yourself with people with the same values towards a free, sovereign, and equitable society. This is what we're building. Thinking Wealth is not a platform; it's a decentralised evolving community.


Silver Package:

Thinking Wealth Online Investment Hub

The opportunity to create generational wealth has never been more accessible.

The content we provide in the investment hub goes in-depth into cryptocurrency, real estate and precious metals - a range of asset classes for a well-rounded portfolio.

The information is instantly implementable, and appeals to anyone looking to build their net worth following proven and innovative strategies.

There is a section dedicated to the mind and building solid foundations mentally to deal with emotional side of investing. Outer world reflects inner world. Wealth is a state of being, not numbers on a bank account. 

There is a 7 day free trial with absolutely no obligation. Also be sure to check out our referral program to start creating a passive income stream.

Monthly Membership


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  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Full Access to the Thinking Wealth Hub, which includes:
    • In Depth Information Accessible To Everyone
    • Impactful Personal Development Contents
  • 2 Group Facebook Lives per Month
  • Access To Private Community
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Gold Package:

Monthly Coaching Program


You will have direct access to one of the Alex's for 90 minutes of focussed attention every month. This will drive you towards your goals with intent.

We'll uncover what you want to achieve and create a plan to make it happen. Having someone to keep you accountable is priceless.

It is often a state of mind that is holding people back from succeeding, not a lack of information. Hence, some of the coaching will be directed towards how you think and clearing up any belief system that may be holding you back. 

There is a 15 minute consultation to make sure this is the right program for you.

Monthly Coaching Program


  • Access to the Thinking Wealth Investment Hub (worth £29.99 per month)
  • 60 Minute Coaching Session Per Month
  • 60 Minute Group Zoom Call per Month with other Members
  • Fast Track Your Goals
  • Stay Accountable To Achieve More
  • Mindset And Investment Coaching
  • Access To Quarterly Mastermind Networking
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Platinum Package:

Mentorship Programme


A bespoke and 'by request only' Mentoring service. This is relevant for people who have a significant asset base, or access to capital.

We will need to qualify those who are interested in mentoring to make sure the service is worthwhile for both parties. 

Contact us to discover how this service will be specifically tailored for your individual needs.  

Email us to apply for the Mentorship Programme. 


Tailored Mentoring

Price On Application

  • Access to the Thinking Wealth Investment Hub (worth £29.99 per month)
  • Access To Monthly Coaching (Worth £150 per month)
  • Bespoke Mentoring Tailored To You
  • Access To High Net Worth Network

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