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Thinking Wealth is an evolving network driven by the values of sovereignty, freedom and equity. 

We aim to share timeless investment, lifestyle, and personal development content whilst giving you the tools to create the financial foundations for generational wealth.

Our online training offers in-depth, expansive and continually updated content, including (but not limited to) financial IQ, mindset, property, crypto, and precious metals.

The Thinking Wealth Investment Hub is our flagship subscription service and is accessible to everybody with a 7 Day free trial.

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The Thinking Wealth Investment Hub is designed to give you access to a wealth of knowledge surrounding cryptocurrency, property investment and precious metals. 

You can go through the content at your own pace and revisit when you need to. Repetition is the mother of learning.

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Learn To Invest In The Following Assets


Learn how to invest in crypto and it's related technology, and take advantage of the biggest wealth transfer in human history. 


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Property Investment


Learn to invest in both commercial and residential property. We share a wide range of investment strategies enabling you to acquire property regardless of experience and resources.


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Precious Metals 

Learn to invest in Gold, Silver and other commodities. We also teach the history of precious metals in relation to fiat currency. (Important)


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Meet The Founders.

Alex Hickman is a former professional footballer (soccer) who took the attributes that create success in sport, and bought that into the business world. He has been investing in a range of asset classes for nearly a decade. He has also very experienced in working with investors to maximise their returns on a joint venture and consultancy basis.

Outside of this work, Alex H is an avid student of human behaviour, psychology, and philosophy. He shares these interests on YouTube and his own website.

Alex French has worked for over ten years in the property industry, having a degree in quantity surveying. He owns his own property maintenance business, managing the development of countless rental properties. Alex has also been investing and educating himself in the cryptocurrency market since 2017.

Outside of this work, Alex F loves watching and playing sport, and spending time with his partner, two boys and Pluto the dog, and Shadow the cat.

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